What is an ADTF Plugin?

ADTF offers a developer SDK with a well defined API to enable programers to extend the functionality of ADTF by writing their own components. A component in the sense of ADTF is either an ADTF

Each of them can be used inside the ADTF Configuration Editor and represent the building blocks of arbitrary complex data flow configurations. These components exist inside the compiled C++ binaries which are called ADTF Plugins and have the file suffix *.adtfplugin.

plugin / components schema
A plguin consists of one or more components.

To make these plugins available to a broader audience of ADTF users, plugins can be uploaded to the Digitalwerk Store. All you have to do is create a ZIP file with a special folder structure. If you want to learn how to write ADTF Plugins start here: ADTF3 Guides.